Are you looking for a face massager for skin firming and relaxation at the same time ? This will be a good choice for you! 

crystal rose quartz face roller massager

Vibration Massage therapy is an extremely hit beauty technology because it gives a good blood circulation and it helps with better complexion & it has been a sensation in skincare tools.
Our crystal rose quartz comes in 2 heads one is for the face and another one is for eyes
Crystal rose quartz head adds a cold sensation and mild vibration to push and patting the skin with better penetration of our serum or oil. It helps to relax facial muscles and minimise big pores.
- Activate skin to keep moisture & elastic through vibration (Massage). Helps in skin blood circulation.
- Face lifting, skin tightening, skin revitalisation.
- Reduce eye bags dark circle, reduce wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead & neck.
- 6000 rotations per minute with vibration. Provide skin stimulation to the facial muscle to achieve a firming effect.
- Activate cells, rejuvenates the look of a tired complexion.
- Skin feels refreshed & looks more radiant & youthful.
- Reshape your face contour to reveal your youthful energy.
- Use it with our “miracle oil” for a better results.
It can be used in the bathroom with waterproof structure.
Use on forehead, cheek, neck, shoulders, arm, hands & legs.
Operated by 1 x AA battery (Not included)

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