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Back in stock - Green Aventurine Crystal Tower Bottle

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Green Aventurine Crystal

Healer • Good Health • Calm • Well-being

Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer. It neutralises all sources of electromagnetic pollution, blocking out emanations from computers, television and other electronic equipment. Green Aventurine settles nausea and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. It brings well-being and emotional calm. It also helps stimulates will power and confidence.

Green Aventurine - Abundance & Growth
Element : Wood
One of the most precious stones in Asian culture, jade enhances your luck as well as your health and overall well-being. In feng shui, the color green is connected to healing, growth, and vital life energy. Jade can bring protection and prosperity. It is believe to be good for health and also for prosperity & wealth as well!

Healing properties of Green aventurine

Promotes healing of the physical body
Increases wealth and prosperity
Protects gardens and homes from electromagnetic pollution
Transmutes negative energy into positive energy
Encourages compassionate behavior
Stimulates will power and confidence
Assists past life regressions and ascensions
Balances the mind, body, and spirit
Enhances creativity in artistic endeavors
Promotes peace and calming
Increases protection
Aids in problems related to the nervous system
Helps prevent heart-related conditions
Heals the heart physically and emotionally
Encourages spiritual growth and ascension
Enhances inner-strength
Relieves symptoms of allergies
Removes energetic sources of headache and migraine pain
Diminishes energetic blocks that may be causing acne and other skin problems
Promotes love
Instills a feeling of inner peace

+ glass & stainless steel

+ removable quartz crystal display

+ bottle sleeve

+ one-of-a-kind crystal; color and size may vary.

technical details

+ total weight approx. 0.85g

+ fragile - handle with care

+ intended for water only - preferably filtered

Volume: 700 ml
Height:  24cm
Diameter:  6.5cm
Hand wash components
The Crystal tower improves the pH and oxygen content of the water, which is equivalent to natural spring water.

Crystal minerals and trace elements improve the structure of water molecules and are more beneficial to the body and promote metabolism.

-----------------------How to improve water quality?
Use the natural magnetic field of gemstones to improve water quality
Crystal gemstones actually have the unique ability to store energy. They have enough vibration at the nanometer level. The gemstones in the bottle transfer energy to the water around the vial to improve water quality.
-----------------------how to use?
It takes only 7 minutes to get the original spring water.
Use normal temperature water below 35 degrees, pour into the gem cup for 7 minutes, then enjoy the natural spring water.

1) Use water below 35 degrees Celsius, do not pour hot water to avoid damage to the cup and crystal.
2) Not suitable for washing with dishwasher
3) Not suitable for grinding detergent or irritating chemicals to clean the bottle